I feel like saying, “I’m making pies,” in response to a “How are you?” question is a poetic way of saying you’re there, alive, and slogging through. Maybe you cried earlier or maybe you’ll cry later, but for now, your hands are busy.

A rat is never
just a rat. And seeds of hope:
how they grow, they grow…

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

Anne and Isabel,

Richard and George. Don’t waste too

much time on this one.


Called by God, I shall

endure like Joan of Arc and

sign Margaret R.

I wrote two for this book: one from the main character’s perspective, the next from mine.

Even with stony

lead, affected oaths… better

than Virgin’s Lover.


Book Review Haiku: Liesl & Po

December 12, 2012

Pure sunlight (1 cup),

2 friends, 3 ghosts, 1 train… and

ineffable love.